Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reminding God what he said - Joel Osteen, May 22nd 2011

Based on , Isaiah 62: 6

One of the powerful ways to pray, is to find a promise in scripture and remind God what he said about you.
God you said, I am blessed and cannot be cursed,
God you said, with long life, you will satisfy me,
God you said, your favor is not for a season, but for a life time.

When you can say, God you said, all of heaven comes to attention, God is faithful to his word;
Isaiah 62:6 in the Amplified says, Put God in remembrance of his promises.
it does not say, Put God in remembrance of your problems,

Sometimes we use prayer as an excuse to complain. God these people at work, they are not treating me right.
God these gas prices are high, I dont know, how I am going to make it.

God these children are gettting on my nerve,I cant take it anymore, you dont have to tell God about your problems, God already knows everything your going through, he know every need, every concern, he know the number of hair on our head.

If you want to see situations change, instead of complaining, find a promise that you can stand on and go to God and say, when the enemy comes in one way, you would defeat them, and cause them to go in seven different ways.

Yes God the gas prices are high, but I am not focused on that, God you said, you will supply all of my needs, according to your riches, You said, your Jehovah Jireh the lord my provider.

Yes, these people at work are not treating me right. but I am not here to complain. What is meant for my harm, you will use it for your advantage,

When you put God in remembrance of his promises, that is what allows God to bring it to pass,

You may not feel well today. the medical report does not look good. you could easily be saying, God I dont think I am going to make it, I don't see how I am going to be healthy, God the report is so bad.

Instead of putting God in remembrance of your problems, Put God in remembrance of his promises,
God you said, you would, heal me of my wounds, you would restore health back unto me,
God you said, with Long life you will satisfy me, I will live and not die,
God you said, what is impossible with men, is possible with God,

When you pray the promises, instead of praying the problem, you will not only feel better, it will not only
change your attitude, from a victim to a victor, but Gods word coming out of your mouth, is alive and full of power, when God hears his promises, he dispatches angels with this answers, he sets the miracle into motion, he begins to change things in your favor, it may not happen over night, but if you will stay in faith, and keep reminding God, what he promised you, day after day, instead of complaining, "God you said", instead of begging, God you said, instead of describing the situation, "God you said". if you get into a habit of God you said, eventually you will see, what God said, will come to pass in your life,in other words, one day, you wont be saying, God you said, you would be saying God you did, you turned it around, you healed me, you blessed me, you delivered me, you restored me, you favored me, you are true to what you say,

Joel, says as a parent, when we promise our children something, we will do everything we possibly can to bring that promise to pass. Its in our nature.

Joels daughter Alexandra loves to go to disney world. Joel took when she was just 3-4 years old, shes been hooked ever since. She is 12 now, she has not been there quiet sometime now. But about a year ago, I was putting her in bed, she said, Daddy, I really want to go back to disney world, will you take me sometime, I did'nt think much about it. I said, Oh sure, we ll go. I will take you sometime .

Dad, sure, you promise? Joel was not sure what he was going into.

The next day, Dad, you said we are going to Disney world, now when are we going. I thought, man, I just got out of bed, every other day, Joel heard, daddy you said, daddy you said,  Joel must have heard that a thousand times. She was not going to let me forget that promise,

Joel said to Alexandra, Do you know where we are going tomorrow after service, Disney world.

If we as earthly parents are that moved when our children remind us what we promised, if we feel that strongly,  how much more is God going to be faithful to his word. Gods word cannot lie. we can break promises, I could have gotten out of it, finagled my way, not been true to what I said, but God cannot go back on his word. All of his promises are Yes and Amen. Some of you today should find out some "you said" , Father you said,  I will lend and not borrow. Remind God about it again and again. you may be struggling. Business is slow, it does'nt look good, but don't go to God with that. Go to him with a "You said". Father you said, you would open the windows of heaven. "You said", whatever I touch will succeed. "You said" my cup will run over. "You said", you would prosper me even in the desert. when your constantly reminding God, what he said, you wont find time to complain. You wont get discouraged until you have Gods promises coming from your mouth. Take a "you said and go to God.

Joel talked to a lady last week ,she said, Her marriage of 17 yrs is coming to an end. she is very devastated. the husband left for someone else, her whole world has fallen apart, its easy to get depressed, fall into self pity, not have any hope for the future, but Joel shared with her, what I am sharing with you today, You go to find some "You said"
God you said, you will give beauty for these ashes.
God you said, you will pay me double for the unfair things that have happenened.
God you said, my end would be better than my beginning. you are tempted to feel sorry for yourself.
just turn it around and declare, you said.

All through the day, you must be putting God in remembrance of his promises, Just like Alexandra, early in the morning, we would be eating breakfast, Daddy "You said",we would be going to disney
world. when are we going?? Alexandra I dont know yet, but "Daddy you said". Joel would tell her, I know I said it, you have reminded me 450 times. We are going to Disney world tomorow, not because I said. its because she would leave me alone.

The rest of the passage goes on to say, "Put God in remembrance of his promises, keep not silent. Give him no rest until it comes to pass". thats wat Alexandra did. she has given Joel no rest. she has kept not silent.

You've got to be persistant, you've got to show God, you mean business.

God you said, the moment I pray, the tide of the battle begins to turn,
Taking a shower, God you said, I am more than a conquerer.
Driving to work, God you said, Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but you deliver me out of them all.
At the office, under your breadth, you hold victory instore for the upright.
Coming home, God you said, you go before me and make crooked places straight.
Its not saying once, and leaving it,

It says, Keep not silent, you ve got to be persistant, another way of sayin it is you've got to be a pest, about reminding God, what he has promised you. not begging, not demanding, but persistant, in other words, relentless.

Jesus told a parable of an unfair, unjust Judge, who neither respected people, nor feared God. One day, this widow woman came to this judge, I've got a problem, this man is bothering me, I need protection, she was saying in affect, the law is on my side, I've got a promise from the government, to enforce this law. well this Judge paid, no attention, didnt give her the time of day. He just dismissed her and said, hey, quit bothering, leave my court room, I am not going to rule over that case. She left but she didnt get discouraged, She knew the law was on her side. she went everyday, week after week. When he walked in his court, there was that lady on the front row, making her case, ruling my favor, the law is on my side, they can leave me alone. finally she wore the judge down. Finally the judge agreed to solve her problem. She had this shameless persistance.

Joel loves what his sister did. She said this one Wednesday couple of night ago, She and her husband Kevin, were trying to have a baby for 6 years with no success, Lisa wrote out a contract, between her and God. She listed all the promises, she was standing on, concerning having children, she made it like a legal contract, she
even signed at the bottom, and she had kevin sign as well.

Isaiah 41 says, Present your case to God, make your arguments, bring forth your proof. Lisa wrote at the top
God, Kevin and I are presenting this case to you. Our case is based on your word. God you said, in Genesis 1:28 to be fruitful and multiply, God how can we do that, unless you help us.

God you said, in Psalm 112, that our children will be mighty in the land,
God how can that be, if you dont give us children,

God you said in Psalm 13, You would make the barren woman, a happy mother of children,
How can I be a happy mother, if you dont give us children,

God we hav done everything we can do, now we are presenting out our case before you, based on your word, knowing that you are faithful and true to what you said.

Lisa took that contract, that peice of paper, filled with scriptures, and she put it in her mirror at home,
in the bathroom. All through the day, she would see it again and again, week after week, reminding God,
what he promised her. About 2 years later, God blessed them with twins, and now they have 3 beautiful children,

God was faithful to his word.

Joels, question today is are you presenting your case? Do you have any proof? Have you done like Lisa and found the promises, where you can say, God you said, You would make me a happy mother of children,
God you said, you would restore what the enemy had stolen.
God you said, you would give me the desires of my heart.
If you will present your case before God, the good news is, Jesus is called our advocate, another word is lawyer, Imagine in the courtroom of heaven, God is the Judge and Jesus is our lawyer, as long as your case is built of Gods word,  you cannot loose, God is true to what he said. When you go to Heaven to present your case, say, "God you said, no weapon formed against me shall prosper.
God you said, your a very present help in time of trouble, heres my evidence, Psalm 46: 1
God you said, the strength of the wicked is being cut off. but the power of the Godly is being increased. Heres my evidense, Psalms 75: 10
God you said, because I dwell in the secret place, no harm will come near my dwelling. here is my evidence Psalm 91

When you go to God with a "You said", when you remind him what he promised, Thats a powerful case, thats an unbeatable case, some of you are busy pleading your case, but if you would switch over and presenting your case, you would see God presenting to change things in your favor.

Joel knew a lady, she was in odds with her teenage daughter for many years, she would come down for prayer, quiet often. More than coming to prayer, it was like, she really need to complain. One day Joel shared this principle, instead of complaining to God about her daughter you need to remind God what he promised you. Joel gave this scripture, in proverbs 31, it says, children will rise up and call their mother blessed. at that time, her daughter was calling her every name except blessed she took it to heart all through the day, Fathher you said, my children will rise up and call me  blessed. when her daughter was disrespectful, she would say, Fathher you said, you will  call me  blessed. she found other promises, concerning children. God you said,
children are a gift from God. to be enjoyed, she presented her case. brought that evidence, it was about 3 years later, that lady had a total change of heart, today the mom and daughter, are best friends the young lady is as kind and respectful as can be. they do everything together. including come to church together.

1 Chronicles 1:17, God gave David a promise, that seemed almost impossible. David did'nt come from a very influential family. He was'nt the most talented, the most educated, the smartest, he was just an ordinary person, yet God said to him. David, one of your descendants will always be in the throne of Israel. Your dynasty will never come to an end. David was overwhelmed. I am just a shepherd boy, your talking to me like I am somebody great. He could have easily dismissed that promise, let it go in one ear, out the other. Davids attitude was, if your bold enough to promise it, I am bold enough to believe it. He came into an agreement with God.

It may seem impossible, instead of telling God, how you will never be successful, how you will never accomplish your dream, Why don't you go to God, with an Ephesians 3:20, God you said, you would do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond what we could ask think or imagine in our lives, why dont you take, I Corinthians 2:9, God you said, I have not seen, heard or imagined, the amazing things you have in my future, are you pleading you case, or are you presenting your case.  reminding God what "he said."

God makes an amazing promise in Gen 12:2 - I will make your name Great, one translation says, I will make your name distinguished. thats a great promise, to remind God.

Dont plead your case, but "Present your case". Remind God what he said about you, make a list of the promises that your standing on, Read that over and over again. Put it up somewhere so that you can see it. All through out the day, keep not silent, not begging God, not nagging GOd, In faith go to God, with a "You said. If you put God, in remembrance of his promises, and not put God in remembrance of your problems, God is faithful to his word. He will do what he promised. You will rise higher, Overcome every obstacle, Accomplish dreams, Defeating enemy, We beieve and declare, your going  to be everything God has created you to be, Your going to be, everything God has created you to be , You will have everything God has intended for you to have. in Jesus name. Amen.